About twice a year keen Kickabout players come  together to play a league face-to-face. This is where managers pick up game tips from the more  experienced and successful players, hone their  skills, and get to know their fellow players. From  thursday night to sunday morning they are fully  immersed in a hi-speed Kickabout league that sees  one player becoming the overall winner of the  weekend and is a highly-coveted, competitive  honour. Sometimes they are held down in the  south-east in Margate, sometimes at a hotel in Blackpool and twice we have been abroad for weekends to Copenhagen.


Great fun, comraderie, getting to know people, AND you learn the tricks of th trade here and how to get  that little bit extra out of your team. This is not to  say that it is wall to wall Kickabout, in the evening,  it is wine, women and song until the early hours  with a bunch of people who know how to enjoy  themselves, have fun and who are friendship  personified til the early hours of the morning.
You will go home very tired, but having had great,  great fun and enjoyment, replete with lots more  learned about the game and ready to test it out on  your teams when next you pick up your pen/ mouse/ and look at who is the next on your fixture list to feel the might of your tactical and manage mentability.
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