On this page we will attempt to answer questions that often come up when playing Kickabout. This will especially refer to Teampick and it's installation. Please always read the help files that our programs have with them as well. 

1) Does Teampick work with Windows 7? Yes it does and also with Windows 7 64-bit

-There are a couple of issues though. Firstly, you may need to point the SAVE directory to somewhere in your program files structure. Select Menu item <Tools> and then select menu Item <Options> This is the folder that teampick will look for for its .kik files If you do this you will need to copy all the files from the old teampick SAVE folder to the folder you have just set-up.


Secondly,  you will need to set program compatibility. Program File/ Teampick/right click on the Teampick Football Item/ properties/Compatability Tab/ Check Run in Compatability Mode/ Select Windows XP(SP3) Mode/ load teampick again/ Tools/ Options/Program Settings/ DO Associations. You should now be able to open.kik files directly.


2) How do I get Teampick to generate an International/ Representative teamsheet rather than a  normal one for club sides?. Edit the .kik file you receive from Spellbinder via Notepad and change the first line to LeagueName=International or LeagueName=Representative


3)Why do the shots/chances on the printouts differ when there is extra time in a match? This is because the shots/chances in such a game refer to extra time and NOT the first ninety minutes.


4) I click on `create file to Spellbinder' and it doesn't work - it tries to send the mail by WIndows Live but I use Yahoo Mail. The reason is because Yahoo is a web-based email application. Teampick tries to send mail using the MAPI interface. Web-based applications are not MAPI compliant.

- You need to go to <Tools><Options><Programme Settings> turn off the options to `always email RTF file to Spellbinder....' Then the program will create the files which you must manually add to an email and send to Spellbinder.


5) I unticked a Cup competition as thought I was out. When I realised I wasn't it wouldn't let me back in and produced a Runtime error 53. Go to Tools?Fixture List/ Press Construct List then select fixtures.


6)  The session number on teampick is incorrect? You can edit the .kik  file (right click and open with Notepad) then change SessionNO (near top of file) to current session number +1 - then near to the bottom of the file change Last SessionNo= current session number. Save and all should be fine

 7) File assoc error when associating kik files with the programme Says 'Error occurred whilst registering the file association sorry'

Fixed this by right-clicking shortcut icon and running it as administrator.

You should then be able to do file association